In Conversation

I have painted two portraits of Roslyn Packer - one titled ”In Conversation”, the other “Mrs. Roslyn Packer”. In the portrait of Mrs Roslyn Packer titled “In Conversation” Vivian Falk has shown Mrs Packer AO at home in her garden room. The pose exudes comfort and relaxation, with glimpses of the garden greenery behind her. In contrast to Mrs Packer's busy schedule of commitments. The subject's warmth and generosity of spirit comes through clearly, defining her when she is at home just as it does as she tirelessly and silently provides her support to many organizations, communities and charities around Australia. Mrs Packer is shown as a silent achiever that Australia should be proud of.” I asked Mrs Packer if she would sit for me and a time was made at her home for the first sitting I chose Mrs Packer as I believe that she is a remarkable woman that gives a lot of her time to charities. Talking to Roslyn in her garden room I was drawn to the wonderful sparkle in her eyes and I wanted to capture her radiance that she emits on canvas. I achieved this by using iridescent oil colours that make the painting come alive as they shimmer with the overhead lights.
120 x 152 cm
Artwork type: 
Mrs. Roslyn Packer
Oil on canvas