All the World's a Stage
Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company
380 x 190 cm
Oil on Canvas

As you gaze at the portrait, the viewer is drawn into the dance of life. Rafael looks back at the viewer, proudly showcasing his team’s talents whilst also inviting us to share the floor with them. The intricate dance movements seem effortless, belying the painstaking construction and analysis that has come before it on Rafael’s chalkboard and in rehearsal. This is a world in which science and art, precision and emotion combine to create the intrigue and mystery of dance. 

Vivian was invited to observe and depict Rafael and the dancers. The process begins in Rafael’s office, where he articulates the meaning of the show on a large chalkboard. It then moves to the studio where the dancers vigorously perform their movements, floating and gliding despite the obvious physical intensity. As Rafael supervises closely he too cannot resist and joins the performers in the dance to depict his vision. Such detail and commitment to perfection inspired Vivian to spend many months painting oil on canvas to give a glimpse of the intrigue she had witnessed and was privileged to be allowed to draw and paint onto the canvas . 

Sydney Dance Company travels the world performing and representing Sydney and will this year celebrate its 45th Anniversary.

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