Why Portrait Holocaust Survivor

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Finalist in Collie Art prize Perth title "why" with over 500 submissions, Vivian Falk feels honoured to have her portrait titled "why" chosen as finalist. her portrait of Hershal Balter (her son in laws father) was painted as a record for her family and for posterity. Hershal, a Holocaust survivor was an eyewitness to century. " Ihave painted his life with all his memories etched onto his face and am proud of our grandfather Tori Balter who I added as a critical element to to the composition , with her downcast gaze focussing on the number "B4724" They ask "Why" yet despite everything he has rebuilt his life in Australia were both his and my family found safety and security. Our granddaughter Tori is hope for the future. May it never happen again to any person anywhere " I have used iridescent oils that change the painting as the light shine onto, showing the vibrant background brushstrokes representing the 6 million lost who cry out "don't forget me" on exhibition in Perth till April
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Why Portrait Holocaust Survivor