Gai Waterhouse 4 am training

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In the portrait of Mrs Gai Waterhouse titled “ Training 4am” Vivian Falk has shown Gai as the hard working trainer that has become successful as a world renown horse trainer . When Vivian asked her where she was the most comfortable she replied “at 4am at the track training my horses” Gai has been seen in glossy magazines, art and social events with her famous smile and hat but not many have seen the hard work that she applies to her day from early morning till late at night. 4am training shows the dawn breaking behind Gai and the cold wind whipping her famous hair across her face but her nails are painted red and her designer jacket still say look at me whilst her watch tells the time 4am. I have used iridescent oil paints that have been my trade mark for this painting and it brings out the full force of the strength of this painting as the light directed on to it make the painting shimmer and take a life of its own. I followed Gai around as she worked and found her to be an amazing woman that would inspire many.

Portrait won Cliftons Art prize for Australia and Asia Pacific currently exhibited at Cliftons Office .

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Gai Waterhouse